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Employee benefit communications
that do your benefits and your employees justice.

We understand the value of your employee benefits — and we
understand how to make sure your employees do too.


30% of an organizations overall spend is allocated to employee benefits.


46% of organizations don't have a clear benefit communications strategy.


Only 8% of organizations are using external, non-intranet employee benefit websites.


How we're changing the game for employee benefits communication

We're making it simple.

We're making it sexy.

We're making it relevant.

Employee Benefit Guides

We're not ditching 'em — we're just making them easier to digest. We use proven principles of both copywriting and design to create guides that articulate the value of your benefits program and drive your employees to take action.

Employee Benefit Websites

We're not plugging your benefits into a template, inflexible intranet, or a BenAdmin site – we're building you a custom site and branding to your employee value proposition. We leverage web design and messaging best practices to create benefit websites that act as an engaging hub of information for your employees.

Internal Communication Campaigns

No matter what your objective is — we can help you get there. By deploying multichannel communication campaigns that meet the right employees with the right message at the right time — we create engaging communication strategies that get you the results your business needs.


All of our employee benefit communications are:

100% independent

We aren't tied to any BenAdmin platform, HRIS, payroll vendor or Voluntary Benefits enrollment — meaning, we'll work with you regardless of who handles your benefits, who processes your enrollments, or what benefits you do or do not offer.

No hassle. No new products. Just an effective and fully-customized employee benefits website.


Our communications are not restricting or limiting – but 100% customizable from both a copy and design standpoint.

We match your benefit guide or website to your employer brand — and if you don't have one — we work with you to create one that you're proud of.


There's nothing DIY about what we do — at least not for you. 

You give us your benefit information through our painless onboarding process and we take care of the rest. We write the content, design the your site or benefit guide, and get it live.


Recruitment and retention is no joke — and branding isn't just about how your "stuff looks." We get down to the nitty-gritty about who you are, how your employees (or future employees) are used to hearing from you — and we match it to make their experience as branded as humanly possible.

In plain language

The number one reason employees aren't reading your benefit communications? The jargon.

Our benefits communication are jargon-free and easy-to-digest — meaning no matter what you're communicating, your employees are picking up what you're laying down.

Condensed and scannable

We're not 85-page Benefits Guide people — and a quick spoiler alert? Neither are your employees.

We make sure everything we create is something your employees are actually going to read.


We're your Account Manager's new best friend

We do all the work, they get all the credit.

Stress-free onboarding

We don't do "complicated." We schedule a kickoff call with you and your client and we get to work ASAP. After our call, we send you our simple onboarding checklist and you upload all supporting documents into a secure portal — it's that simple.

Sprinting like it's our job

Once we have all of the client's benefit information — we build the deliverable. A typical from-scratch benefit guide or website project takes 2-3 weeks from the kickoff call to the first draft — so we move fast, but never sacrifice quality.

Behind the scenes wizards

Think of us as your Account Manager's Employee Communications angel. They interface with the client to collect feedback and edits — and we do all the work behind the scenes. The best part? They get the credit — and we're totally okay with it.



You spend too much money on your benefits for the way you talk about them to be an afterthought.

Fill out this form and let's get moving. 

Your employees (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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